FC53 #3

FC53 #3

FC53 #3

FC53 #3

Under construction: FC53

The owner of the second FC53 chose the finot-conq designed 53-footer because it is perfect for his planned project, a single-handed circumnavigation attempt to set up a new record for a person of his age.

Performance, reliability and easy handling are the most important features to make this project become a success.

The design, based on finot-conq‘s proven IMOCA Open 60s, provides great sailing performance as well as easy handling. The boat is very light-weight with a displacement of less than 10.5 tons, yet extremely strong due to the carbon fibre construction.

We at Knierim are looking back on many years of experience in carbon fibre boat building. Our boats are used for cruising and racing at the major events  around the globe like Sydney-Hobart Race, ARC, Caribbean 600, TransPac, Round Britain and Ireland, Middle Sea Race to name just a few. They performed great in various wind and sea conditions and are famous for their reliability.

Based on the experience the owner made with past projects he considered the FC53 as the ideal boat combining finot-conq’s fast and functional design with Knierim’s high quality boat building.

The FC53 is an extremely fast boat with many features of a racer, the equipment is reduced to a minimum to be just enough for the designated purpose.

In September 2016 the hull shell has been taken out of the mold and since the bulkheads and other structural parts are built in. Also the deck is under construction.

Launching is scheduled for spring 2017.