Composite Parts

Latest composite technologies are not only used in boat building, they are also required for manufacturing any other composite part. Knierim offers the production of large composite components for a variety of industries.

Instrument pods, main masts, doors in hulls or decks, fairings, deck furniture, pool landscapes, counters, seating lounges, and any free form we build precisely to designer’s drawings. Moulds are machined with our 5-axis-milling machines. The parts itself are made of GRP sandwich using high tech materials and vacuum technologies. The surface will be delivered according to customer’s requirements up to a perfect paint coating.

Based on the experience in carbon fiber boat building Knierim is specialized in producing all kind of CFRP parts. We use this material for ultra light weight cockpit tables, bow sprits, instrument covers, and even toilet seats. We are prepared to make a single part or produce a small series for example for production boat builders.

All composite parts are built from a mould. Knierim’s daughter company Knierim Tooling is manufacturing precise and long lasting master plugs and moulds using one of its three 5-axis-milling machines. The biggest one has a dimension of 32.5 x 8.5 x 4 meters.

Learn more about Knierim Tooling on its website.