FREYA – Knierim 60 Deck Saloon Cruiser

You may sail to the most beautiful places in the world and you will always feel like home on board of this extraordinary blue water yacht.

This beautiful long range cruiser was designed by the Bremen, Germany based design offi ce Beiderbeck Designs to meet the individual demands of the owner. With its dark blue hull and the teak deck the Knierim 60 DS looks like a classic yacht. Only the numerous buttons at the helm stations reveal that various functions are electrically or hydraulically operated.

The high quality deck equipment is chosen for durability and reliability even under the most demanding sailing conditions. Thanks to its light weight this hight tech GRP cruiser offers great sailing performance, in light air and heavy weather equally.

Year built 2014
L.o.a. 18,20 m
Beam 5,30 m
Draft 2,20/3,00 m
Dspl. 20,5 t
Design Beiderbeck
Main sail 110 m²
Fore sail 90 m²

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