Knierim Yachtbau - directly at the Kiel Canal at km 96,5, just one mile away from the Holtenau locks


Knierim‘s facilities accomodate 3 production halls, 1 paint cabin, and 1 oven which can be extended to almost the full hall length, plus 1 second oven for smaller parts. Beside the production halls there are 2 halls with one large 5-axis milling machine each. The smaller milling machine is located separately in one of the production halls.

Furthermore there is a large winter storage hall which is used in summer for race service work, mast assembly, regatta team‘s dinghy storage between the races, etc.

In front of the production, milling, and storage halls is a long pier along the Kiel Canal with plenty of space to launch boats with a Knierim owned mobile lift up to 30 tons and a second smaller one to assist with stepping masts, or to be used inside for attaching decks to hulls, for example.