Composite Technologies

Every boat built by Knierim is unique and specially designed to meet the owner’s requirements. Over the years Knierim worked together with some of the best designers in the world and built boats exactly to their specifications.

Different methods of construction have been used together with the most advanced materials and technologies. Knierim uses epoxy resin as well as sandwich materials and cores by known producers – all tried and tested in boat building.

Curing times can be precisely controlled either with heating pads or in an oven to ensure an even cure and high quality.

Knierim is ISO9001 certified and has a GL Workshop Approval for composite boat building (handlaying techniques and prepregs).

Knierim operates three 5-axis milling machines to built highly precise moulds and plugs for hull, deck, superstructure and any other composite part that requires a mould. Data are prepared by Knierim‘s own CAD/CAM department, using WorkNC, Inventor, Rhino, or AutoCAD.

Moulds as well as hulls, decks, and other parts are made from GRP and CFRP by a hand laying technique or with vacuum infusion and prepreg technology. These methods ensure the optimized ratio of resin and fi ber for minimum weight at maximum strength. Carbon or glass fiber sandwich technologies are used according to the requirements regarding durability and performance.

The accuracy of Knierim‘s construction techniques reduce noticably the time of fitting in bulkheads and other structural parts or to join hull and deck.