Boat storage

Secure winter storage indoors or outdoors

Knierim operates two winter storage halls, most of which are heated. One hall has 6,000 m² of storage space and a second, built in 2011, has 2,700 m². There is also space for large yachts here, as the roller doors of the new hall are almost 10 meters high and allow ships up to 8 meters wide. The halls are equipped with smoke detectors. A security service provides regular surveillance throughout the site.

A few more outdoor winter storage spaces are available on the pier between the hall and the Kiel Canal.


Perfectly prepared for the new season

Our all-round service in winter storage

Winter storage at Knierim is valet parking for boats: we lay the mast in the boatyard's own harbor basin. Professionals crane your yacht. Once cleaned, it is placed on a sturdy dockyard trestle with a guarded roof over the deck, frost-free heating and a smoke detector. Let us know in the fall what work you would like to have done and you can pick up your yacht in the spring, well maintained and ready for the summer season.

In addition to the typical winter storage work, from time to time major overhaul work and conversion requests arise or damage needs to be repaired. Of course, the entire range of services offered by the shipyard is available for this.

Our services in winter storage
  • Lay and store the mast and set it up again in spring
  • Crane your boat
  • Clean the underwater hull using high pressure
  • Winterizing the engine
  • Servicing electrics
  • Polishing the exterior and deck
  • Sanding and painting the underwater hull
  • Remove gelcoat scratches
  • Repairs of all kinds
  • Sanding the teak deck
  • Painting wooden parts
  • Get spare parts


Relaxed into winter storage and to the start of the season

Knierim Yachtbau uses its own crane for yachts up to 30 tons. This crane is mobile and can be used for smaller loads anywhere on the site. Due to its design, it can not only be used to lift yachts out of the water, but also to easily move containers and unload boats from trucks. For larger boats, we work together with crane partners from the surrounding area.

Two hydraulic pallet trucks are available for transportation from the crane to the hall. The larger and newer one can move up to 70 tons.