The ideal location for boat building

Since its move in 2002, the Knierim shipyard has been located directly on the southern shore of the Kiel Canal, half a nautical mile behind the Holtenau lock. 

Over 60 employees work in the 2,000 m² boatbuilding hall. This is where new boats are built and repairs and refits are carried out. 

In the integrated paint shop, boats and rigs can be painted or underwater hulls sprayed with antifouling under optimum conditions.

In addition, the former paper depot offers 6,000 m² of partially heated winter storage space. The winter storage capacity was supplemented in the fall of 2011 by a new hall, which offers a further 2,700 m² of storage space. Boats that are to be craned can be moored at the pier. A separate mobile crane is used as a mast crane. The boats are craned using mobile cranes. Two hydraulic lift trucks can move yachts weighing up to 70 tons around the site.

On the pier is an open-air storage area for boats and the washing area. The covered mast storage facility is located on the outside of the winter storage hall. The area is locked outside of operating hours and is guarded by a security service.

The administration is located directly next door in a spacious office complex.