New build yachts at Knierim

Boats as unique as their owners

Knierim builds individual yachts ranging from high-tech racers in state-of-the-art carbon sandwich construction to functional long-distance yachts made of GRP or wood. Motor yachts are also part of Knierim's construction program.

Even very special projects that represent a great challenge, such as the solar-powered catamaran TÛRANOR PlanetSolar, are tackled with particular enthusiasm and successfully completed.

Each yacht is custom designed and adapted to the specific wishes and needs of the owner. During the construction phase, the owner can check on the progress at any time and watch his yacht "grow".

Knierim's composite technology

The key to high-tech boatbuilding

Processing high-quality materials requires a high level of technical expertise as well as state-of-the-art tools and machines. Our customers can expect high-end products with reliable quality guaranteed by our experience. Knierim is ISO9001 certified and has the operating license from Germanischer Lloyd for the construction and repair of watercraft, yachts and components made of fiber composites using the hand laminate and prepreg process as well as the partially mechanical hand lay-up process.

By refining its composite technology, Knierim builds lighter and stiffer hulls and structures, meaning simply faster yachts. The sandwich construction is made of carbon or GRP, depending on the requirements, i.e. the long-term robustness of a cruising yacht or the performance required for racing. Fabric mats are laid up in a vacuum-compacted hand laminate or by vacuum infusion process, whereby an optimum resin/fiber ratio is achieved. In prepreg carbon fibers, this is already incorporated in advance with hardener. Processing requires precisely controlled heat (tempering) and careful vacuum build-up. A foam core or resin-impregnated paper honeycomb forms the sandwich layer. The bond with the laminate is "baked" just like in an oversized oven to achieve maximum strength.