The Knierim company

Knierim is a traditional company, founded in 1965 in northern Germany. 

When master boatbuilder Gunnar Knierim took over the company in 2000 in the second generation, the company had already established a reputation far beyond the country's borders. Two years later, businessman and boatbuilding expert Steffen Müller, who not only won the famous Admiral's Cup with Gunnar Knierim in a team for Germany in 1993, but had also previously been involved in numerous prestigious offshore projects, joined the management team. 

The company's headquarters moved from Laboe to Kiel at Uferstrasse 100 on the Kiel Canal, where the company now has it's site, measuring well over 20,000 square meters.

Knierim Yachtbau - directly on the Kiel Canal (km 96.5)

On the canal, in the close vicinity of the Holtenau lock, the shipyard builds individual high-tech yachts - sailing and motor boats - in state-of-the-art composite construction or in wood. From elegant cruising boats to 30-meter racers, always "state of the art". 

Maximum strength with low weight, design accuracy to the millimeter and an exceptional finish are the trademarks of Knierim Yachtbau. The close cooperation with leading suppliers and selected subcontractors is coordinated entirely in the interests of the customer.

The most famous new build boats include the 86-foot maxi racer UCA (2002), the ocean-going BANK VON BREMEN (2004), the first German America's Cupper GERMANY 1 (2006), the STP 65 CONTAINER (2008), the Brenta 60 UCA (2009) and the most recent, extremely successful racers such as the Ker 51 VARUNA (2012) and the ARC record holder CARO, a Botin 65 from 2013. The various performance cruisers of 49, 53, 55 and 60 feet in length are also prime examples of the high level of boatbuilding craftsmanship.


Prestigious projects with international appeal led the company into the next decade. One of these is the largest watercraft that has ever been built and is powered solely by solar energy: the giant catamaran TÛRANOR PLANET SOLAR, which Knierim played a key role in designing. Secondly, it is the uncompromising, ten-meter-long regatta yacht Knierim P33, which originated from the company's own creative minds.


TÛRANOR PLANET SOLAR - Catamaran for a circumnavigation of the globe

The precision of hull shapes is always key. State-of-the-art five-axis milling machines measuring up to 32.5 x 8.5 x 4 meters from the Knierim Tooling division guarantee accuracy. This applies to yacht building as well as to master model and mold making, for example for the production of rotor blades for wind turbines, for aviation and shipping as well as for large industrial parts and the deck equipment of mega yachts. Other mainstays of the company are boat repairs and conversions, paintwork and a complete winter storage service.