Christening FC53 #3

Christening FC53 #3 Anxiously expected, the FC 53#3 has been christened at the yard in Kiel on April 14th, 2018. All people involved in the construction celebrated together with the owner. © Katrin Storsberg First Sea trials could be seen by...

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Go Kiwi Spirit II

Go Kiwi Spirit II Stanley Paris next adventure has begun. Kiwi Spirit II left the harbour on Saturday 18 November. We wish all the best: Go Kiwi Spirit - Good Luck, Stanley! back to...

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FC53 #3 – deck was connected to the hull

FC53 #3 - deck was connected to the hull After demolding of the hull and the installation of bulkheads and stringers, the deck was structurally connected to the hull. This exciting moment is called “marriage”, similar to the car industry, when engine and...

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