CARO – Botin 65 IRC Racer

A stylish 65‘ racer that can be sailed shorthanded in most offshore races worldwide.

The original design brief was for a fast boat to be sailed by the owner and his friends and only included the occasional professional crew when racing in big events. The design concept changed during the construction process and resulted in a very powerful hull, with plenty of form stability, twin rudders and a deep 4.8m draft lifting keel. The overall righting moment is around 15% higher than an STP65, without any crew hiking out!

The boat has so many automated systems, that it can be regarded as a mini–superyacht in many aspects.

To minimize the weight the boat has been built of carbon fibre prepregs with Nomex honeycomb as sandwich material. The light-weight carbon fibre rig carries the latest developments in racing sail technology.

Year built 2013
L.o.a. 20,00 m
Beam 5,20 m
Draft 3,00/4,80 m
Dspl. 16,7 t
Design Botin
Main sail 146 m²
Fore sail 80 m²

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