Composite parts

GRP and CFRP parts in maximum precision

Modern fiber composite technology is not only in demand in yacht building, but also in the manufacture of synthetic components of all kinds. Knierim Yachtbau therefore also offers the construction of composite parts of all kinds.

Whether equipment carriers, radar masts, millimeter-precise outer skin flaps or elaborate deck furniture and pool landscapes, we build every free-form shape true to the designer's specifications. The molds are milled using one of our three 5-axis milling machines. We then use this to produce the high-tech GRP sandwich components using vacuum technology in accordance with our laminate plans. We take functional and design-related detailed solutions such as ventilation shafts, stainless steel work, the installation of kitchen appliances or electronics into account right from the construction stage. We will be happy to supply you with the component with a final painted surface - according to your interests and requirements.

Thanks to its experience with various new builds in carbon, Knierim is a specialist in the processing of carbon fiber. Knierim uses this material to produce super-light cockpit tables, bowsprits, instrument covers and much more. For this purpose, a mold is made individually and the component is then produced from it. In this way, small batches of certain parts can also be produced, e.g. for series production boats.

The foundation for all types of synthetic parts are precise master models, which Knierim produces through its subsidiary Knierim Tooling.

Knierim Tooling

Precision thanks to 5-axis milling machine

Five axes, three milling machines, one result: precision molding par excellence. The requirement for true-to-design boat hulls gave rise to the Tooling division in 2004 with the installation of the first 32.5 x 8.5 x 4 meter "Poseidon" 5-axis milling machine from CMS in Italy. Knierim quickly conquered its place in the industrial sector here too; another machine of the same size and a smaller one followed. Based on the specified geometry (3D file), Knierim creates the design drawing for an underframe, for example made of polystyrene or balsa wood on milled frames. The raw part is first roughed out, then laminated and then filled with high-quality epoxy paste by the machine. After curing, the programmed milling machine finishes the final shape with tenths of a millimeter precision.

This results in single or multi-part master models for the construction of, for example, wind turbine rotor blades over 70 meters long, moulds for submarine construction, aviation and shipping as well as industrial components. Prototypes, architectural models, art objects and sculptures are also produced.

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